The Momentum Investment Group is professional venture capital fund manager. The first fund under management, Momentum Ventures, is a $30 million fund based in Melbourne, Australia. This Fund:

Invests in companies with high growth potential based on the commercialisation of Australian research and development.

Is one of eight funds to be awarded a licence by Australia's Federal Government under the Innovation Investment Fund ("IIF") Program. As a result, the Government is investing A$20m in Momentum, with private investors, led by the international investment bank, Babcock & Brown, investing the remaining A$10m.

Seeks to establish mutually beneficial, wealth creating partnerships with highly innovative Australian entrepreneurs.

As at March 2001 is 80% committed.

Key Features of the Fund include:

Commenced its investment program in January 1999
It is a ten-year closed end fund. This means that all investments are to be exited and the fund wound up within ten years. Most investments will have a duration of 4-6 years.
Momentum is a generalist fund which invests in a broad range of technologies and industries.
Momentum is a value added investor, ie Momentum personnel are heavily involved in assisting each of its investees to achieve their growth potential. In this regard, Momentum personnel have extensive hands-on business, technology and investment experience and wide Australian and international networks.

NOTE: the information provided on this web site is believed by Momentum to be accurate at the time of writing and is provided in order to assist people with an interest in the Momentum Fund. In important situations, no reliance should be placed on this information without first consulting Momentum directly.

Information last updated: March 2001