Momentum Board of Directors

John Thompson (Chairperson)
John has contributed significantly to the development of Australia's information technology and telecommunications industries.

In 1978 John joined Prime Computers as National Marketing Manager, and was appointed Managing Director in 1980. He headed Prime during an entrepreneurial phase, which led to it becoming, by the time he left in 1984, the second best-known computer company in Australia. He also served as a Director of the Australian Information Industry Association from1982 to 1986 and again from 1992 to 1994.

John then spent five years in the United States computer industry, based in New Jersey and Arizona. During his time in the United States Mr Thompson was involved as VP Sales and Marketing of Eastek Inc. during its IPO onto NASDAQ.

John joined Oracle Systems Australia as Managing Director in 1991. In July 1994, John was appointed Vice President, Divisional Development and Human Resources for the Asia-Pacific Division. In this role, he was instrumental in transforming Oracle from a company that was historically run as a series of independent subsidiaries into a corporation with consistent business practices throughout the region.

John joined United Telecommunications during its inception in June 1996. As Chief Executive Officer, he was responsible for business development as well as managing the huge growth rate that the company experienced in its first two years.

John is currently Managing Director of Point Australia, Chairman of Ltd and a Director of Web Wombat Pty Ltd and Pentawave Inc of Scottsdale Arizona USA. Mr Thompson is also a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


Martha Cleary- Non-Executive Director
Martha Cleary has 19 years experience in the evaluation and commercialisation of new technology in ten countries.

Martha has held a number of positions with ICI, both in Australia and the UK, including five years in the evaluation and development of a wide range of new business opportunities ranging from mining services, through new materials, construction, biotechnology and immunodiagnostics. She was marketing and sales manager of the new ICIA diagnostics (including Silenus) division from 1985-1987.

In 1988 Martha joined Dendrite International, the leading global supplier of sales force management software and services to the pharmaceutical industry, in the USA as Director of Client Operations. During her nine years at the company, she held a variety of senior management positions and played a key role in growing revenue 25 fold, obtaining US based equity finance and successfully listing on NASDAQ in 1996 with a market capitalization of US$170M. Today, Dendrite has a market capitalization in excess of $US1 billion and sales of $180 million per annum.

Highly computer literate, she has an extensive background in the use of computer simulation to communicate and solve problems in business, economics, mining and astronomy. She holds a B.Sc (Summa Cum Laude) in Physics from University College Dublin, and a Ph.D in astronomy from ANU, Canberra.

Martha is currently also a director of Justwin Technologies Inc.


Kenneth David Jones- Non-Executive Director
Ken is broadly experienced in business management. He has held management positions in numerous manufacturing, contracting and trading companies including Ormonoid Ltd. (as Chief Executive Officer), Monier Ltd. (previously Rocla Concrete Pipes), Gibbs Bright & Co. (a particle board manufacturing and marketing subsidiary) and Australian Consolidated Industries. Ken has a proven record in company turn-around, development, positioning for growth and value creation.

From 1990 to 1994 Ken was the Managing Director of Polycure Pty. Ltd. As a specialist manufacturer of technologically sophisticated surface coatings for print packaging and building applications, the business developed under Ken's direction from a struggling MIC venture capital investment to a successful growth business that was on sold to a major coatings specialist company.

In 1994 Ken appointed Managing Director and Group Chief Executive of Recoil Pty. Ltd., an innovative, export oriented manufacturer and marketer of technologically sophisticated fastener products. Ken was instrumental in reorganising and revitalizing the business and substantially increasing profits over the three years prior to its sale to US based shareholders.

Ken was the Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Tech-Rentals Pty. Ltd from 1998 to 2005. Tech-Rentals specializes in short and long term rental products for technologically sophisticated and very specialised test and measurement equipment, communications, medical, chemical analysis, computer and peripheral products throughout the Asia Pacific Region. Ken has specialised in the turn-around of a wide range of businesses usually with venture capital equity participation and has achieved just such a turn-around of Tech-Rentals.