Momentum's Portfolio of Investee Companies

Momentum has a range of investees in its portfoilio in the seed startup and early expansion stages. To find out more about how Momentum has added value to these investees click here.



EnGeneIC Pty Ltd

EnGeneIC is a start-up biotechnology company aiming to develop an inherently safe and efficient form of delivery vector for gene therapy. The company's technology simultaneously offers the key advantages of both living and non-living forms of vector, ie it has the cell targeting capabilities of living entities, without the risks posed through the use of viruses or bacteria. The technology can be seen as a platform genomics technology with broad potential application in the gene-based medical treatment regime which will increasingly arise out of the Human Genome Project.

Benthic Geotech Pty Ltd

Benthic Geotech (Benthic) has developed a device called PROD (Portable Remotely Operated Drill). PROD is a self-contained rotary drill rig that is lowered to the seabed from a winch on a ship. Once on the seabed (down to 2,000 metres) the PROD can drill and recover core samples to a depth of 135 metres, through a mix of soft and hard seabed layers. This capability is currently only available by using very expensive drill ships, which can cost millions to mobilise and hundreds of thousands per day in rates.



Panviva Pty Ltd

PanViva is the developer of the SupportPoint range of software. Mentor is an Employee Performance Support System, which delivers, in an intuitive, user-friendly way, the specific policies and procedures that employees need. to do their work. In effect it is a way of delivering on the job training and support to employees. SupportPoint has a wide range of applications including supporting end-users of complex ERP systems and providing business policies and procedures to employees across an organisation.



CR-X Pty Ltd

CRX's is the developer of Call Record Exchange (CR-X), a user driven software tool for telecommunications network operators used in the management of call records. CR-X manages the certification, filtering conversion and enhancement of call records from network elements to downstream business and technical applications such as Billing, Fraud Management, Auditing, marketing Analysis and Engineering. CR-X has many advantages over existing call billing systems but the primary advantage is that it reduces the loss of revenue through errors in the production and delivery of call records.



Petrecycle Pty. Ltd.

The company has developed the first process in the world (the RENEW process) that allows PET to be recycled into raw materials for the manufacture of food-grade packaging at a total cost that is equivalent to the cost of manufacturing the packaging from "virgin" materials. This patented process is able to take the lowest grade "kerbside" waste packaging, and with minimal pre-processing, recover a high percentage of the raw material for PET that is equivalent in purity to virgin raw materials.


Retriever Communications Pty Ltd

Retriever Communications Pty Ltd (Retriever) is a first-to-market Application Service Provider in the emerging market of Wireless Data. Retriever's Mobile Service is an out-sourced service offered to companies that have time sensitive data collected or created in the field by their staff. Retriever leverages the convergence of mobile telephony and IT systems. The Company partners with telecommunication carriers for mobile application delivery to workforces out in the field. Retriever has strategic "to market" agreements in place with Cable & Wireless and Groupe Bull for Australian and pan-European deployment.