How Momentum Adds Value

The Momentum team has a close working relationship with each of its investee companies and assists wherever possible by providing a depth of experience in growing early stage high tech companies and through its network of contacts around the world. Momentum has consistently demonstrated its ability to add value to its investee companies by:

Finding qualified personnel for senior management and board positions

Assisting in strategy development

Coordinating later stage funding rounds

Providing advice on product development

Assisting in managing customer relationships

Identifying potential strategic partners

The following is a sample of some of the value adding roles Momentum has played in each of its investee companies:

Biovend Ltd.
Attendance with the founder and CEO and initial potential customer meetings in the USA
Development of e-fulfillment and e-CRM bureau service concept
Introduction the engineering group that have project managed a significant part of research and development process
Advice with regard to technical electronic, optical, hardware and software aspects of the project
Project managed the Company's application to the Federal Government for a A$700,000 Concessional Loan


Briter Electronics Pty Ltd.

Providing de facto CEO and CFO resources during the R&D phase
Direct assistance with both client and manufacturing partners

Business planning

EnGeneIC Pty Ltd.
Enhancement of commercial strategies to focus the company's objectives on "big pharma" licensing criteria.
Modification of corporate plan and key milestones to accelerate key objectives and improve risk management.
Enhancement of company's day to day management capabilities.

Underpinning of investment syndicate by adoption of lead investor role.

Cerylid Pty Ltd.
Introduction of highly regarded industry professional as Chairman of the Thrombogenix Board.
Active and regular participation in scientific review meetings.
Active assistance in the development of the strategy for the selection of the lead compound for Phase 1 trials.
Introduction through the Momentum network to US based major corporate advisers to the pharmaceutical industry.

Major role in the recent successful conclusion of a A$7.2 million second round capital raising.

CR-X Pty Ltd.
Introductions to potential business partners sourced through the Momentum network.

Assistance in the development of strategic plans.

DSP Holdings Inc.
Recruitment of the USA based CEO and COO/CFO
Recruitment of the Australian based General Manager
Facilitation of relocation of the head office from Sydney to Los Angeles
Introduction to key legal and accounting advisers in Australia and the US
Assistance in strategic planning including second round capital raising of US $5m


Justwin Technologies Inc.

Advice and assistance in relocation of corporate head office to USA.
Introduction to US bankers for operating facilities.
Introduction to New York based law firm and Investment Bankers for second round capital raising.
Assistance in recruitment of key senior management personnel - CFO and COO.
Identification of candidate for Chair of Justwin Board
Ongoing advice and assistance in the development of strategic plan.
Introduction through the Momentum network to one of the largest apparel trading groups in Asia.


Retriever Communications Pty Ltd.

Introduction of additional Australian based venture capital investor.
Active participation in the development of corporate strategy.
Active assistance in successful closing of second round capital raising.