Benthic Geotech Pty Ltd

10 of the Best
Business Review Weekly 13th of October 2005

CR-X Pty Ltd

Exciting markets opening for telcos
Australian Financial Review, 6 September 2002

Sun hasn't set on Bate yet
The Australian IT, 6 August 2002

EnGeneIC Limited

Therapy - Special Delivery
Nature Reviews Cancer - Research Highlights, 16 July 2009

Stopping the pumps in chemotherapy-resistant tumors
Nature Biotechnology July 2009

Minicells overcome tumor drug-resistance
Nature Biotechnology July 2009

'Trojan horse' therapy combats chemo resistance
ABC News, 29 June 2009

Tiny Trojans Attack Myth of Cancer Invincibility
Australian Financial Review 2 July 2009

Sequential treatment of drug-resistant tumors with targeted minicells containing siRNA or a cytotoxic drug
Nature Biotechnology 28 June 2009

An Australian Story
ABC 6 August 2007

New technique uses bacteria to target tumours
NewScientist 12 May 2007

PanViva Pty Ltd

Enterprise IT application consolidation made easier, November 28, 2006

Newsman learns by the 70:20:10 rule
The Age IT, November 14, 2006

Screen Smart
BRW, December 2005

E-learning gets an A
The Age, 15 November 2005

Dream Team - Fast 100 Culture
Business Review Weekly, 13 October 2005

Help with the answers throws pay TV staff a lifeline
The Age, 16 August 2005

Melbourne developer Panviva sees exports surge
5 August 2005

Retriever Communications Pty Ltd

Field work pays off
BRW, 7 February 2002

Burke Air Case Study
Compaq Case Study, October 2001

Retriever Makes a Splash,
The Age, 27 November 2000

The Australian Vanguard
The Industry Standard, 11 October 2000

Retriever Takes Bull by the horns,
The Australian, 11 October 2000

Optus Retriever launch,
IT News Report, 1 March 2000

Momentum Funds Management

Submission to the Parliament - House Standing Committee on Science and Innovation on Inquiry into pathways to technological innovation
May 2005

Attachment to Submission to the Parliament